“Having been to Bali many, many times and having stayed in many places, I can say that this absolutely magical compound offers the best views I have ever seen in all of Bali, from any home or hotel, bar none.”

Stefan Sagmeister

“One of the great bathrooms of the world revealed itself down a castle like staircase with a rain shower over a colossal boulder that would make giants jealous.”

Emerald Starr
Owner, Turtle Bay Hideaway, Bali

“What can I say? Such a wonderful place. I have seen and been to many beautiful places, but, none more beautiful than this. Thank you so much for making it so special. Can’t wait to return.”

“It’s one of the most beautiful bathrooms I’ve ever seen…”

Interior Designer, UK & Bali

“Thank you all for making our stay in Bali so special. We love your people, your place, and your accommodations.”

Middleton S/V Nogal
Sept 2017

“Hartland is one of those special place where the beauty of the estate shines brighter with the happiness and joy of the amazing staff. We will be back.”

Heidi, Jeff, & Daniel DiFazzio
Sept 2017

“Heaven on Earth. The physical beauty surpassed only by the warmth of Bud and Dharmi, Wayan and everyone. Thank you!”

Jan and David Kittay
NYC & Los Angeles
Aug 2017

“To our Kedewatan Family....
Thank you for making Lorena’s first visit to Bali so special! Thank you for everything. We will miss you all greatly.”

George and Lorena
NYC & Los Angeles
Aug 2017

“What a beautiful and truly magical place! Thank you to Wayan and everyone at Hartland for making these few days a holiday to remember – peaceful, rejuvenating, and utterly enjoyable.”

Tara, Dan, Ella
Aug 2017

“Thank you Wayan and the team here for a wonderful time. They were so hospitable and such gracious hosts. The premises were always clean and comfortable. The home cooking was always a treat we looked forward to, especially the mango pie. Wayan made great recommendations to see and eat. All requests were planned and managed seamlessly. The views, character of the villa, and service provided made this a very memorable family reunion!”

Gary, Hanna, & Henry and family
USA & Canada
July to August 2017

“Thank you for making our vacation memorable, for dealing with our gecko fears and food demands. You guys were the most cordial and efficient people we’ve met! The kids loved all the lovely food and desserts you made for them. We hope to see you all again – soon.”

The Farooq Family
July 2017

“We are having a family reunion and the setting here is exquisite to say the least. The people are fabulous and food amazing. Thank you all for a magnificent stay.”

The Bennets & The Fitzeralds
June 2017

“A post-graduation paradise – thank you so much to all the staff, especially the ladies in the kitchen! The rooms were comfortable, the food delicious, and the setting breathtakingly beautiful. Couldn’t have asked for anything better.”

June 2017

“The setting, the place, the people – all absolutely amazing! The few days we spent in this paradise have really set the bar high for the remainder of our Indonesian adventure. Thank you – ALL OF YOU – for a very special stay.”

Georgina Langton
Suffolk, UK
June 2017

“We travelled from the USA to Bali and were lucky enough to stay at Hartland Estate. The rooms and pool are beautiful and the food is excellent and best of all the people here are so warm and kind. They helped us arrange cars and activities along with hosting an amazing local
dance at the the house which was like nothing we’d ever seen before. Next time we’re in Bali we will definitely hope to stay here again!”

Leah, Eggplant Brigade
May 2017

“We have travelled to many places and met many wonderful people. A tiny few can compare to either the beauty of this place and the people here and even fewer
to the kindness we experienced.

If you are reading this, you are one of the lucky few to share this little slice of heaven on earth.

Thank you Bud, Chrissie, Wayan and each of the wonderful staff who made us feel so at home
yet so special.”

Nick, Chloe, & Elbert Johnston
Mary Anne Hawrylak
William Zimmerman
May 2017

“Thank you for making us feel as though this was our own home. Each and everyone has shared openly of themselves and that has made this a very special trip to Bali. We will hold you in our hearts always.”

Magali, Chloe, Susan Keith, and Esme
Los Angeles and New York

“A great thanks to all the team of Hartland Estate. It was a very nice time in family. Our children were very happy. Merci beaucoup!”

“Magnifique jardin, tres bonne cuisine, bon acceuil.”

“Un coin de paradis.”

Ludovic Jean-Goluard
Feb 2017

“Thank you for welcoming us into your incredible slice of heaven. We have had an incredible and awe-inspiring week. You have built an extraordinary home and made us feel right at home. The meals were delicious. We hope to be back again soon.”

Andy, Karina, Scott
Feb 2017

“Thank you for providing us with a piece of paradise. It has been so relaxing and you have been so warm and friendly that we truly feel that we are at home and you are our family. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

Cameron, Ingrid, Ari, Mon and Don
December to January 2017

“Thank you for your wonderful service and lovely smiles. Our family has a had a marvelous time over Christmas. We thank you for looking after us all so well and for delivering anything we requested! Hartland has been our little slice of paradise.
We hope to return again one day and visit you all. Thank you again.

p.s. the food was incredible!!”

Gillian, Amber, Anthony, Harvey, Nella, Chelsea, Duncan, Isla, Adrian, Krystal, & Jordan
Melbourne, Australia
Christmas 2016

“Hartland is a place of serenity and tranquility. Bud and his staff always bring delight and care to everything they do. It is nice to exist in a place where humans are striving for what is important. Thank you for spoiling us!!”

Miles and Jen
Vancouver, Canada
Dec 2016

“Thank you for such a serene, delightful stay. We enjoyed every minute and so appreciate the hospitality. The food was incredible and so tasty. Service was amazing. But most importantly it felt like having a meal with family. The entire team is amazing. Thank you.”

Nov 2016

“Thank you for sharing your truly enchanting and magical abode! Hartland captured the true essence of living in Bali. The effort to create and maintain a magnificent place is seen from the use of of natural topography, to the design of the homes, use of sustainable resource, thoughtful landscape and many more. Every single person at Hartland has gone the extra mile to make us feel welcome and comfortable. The excellent delicious food, often sourced from the gardens, truly complete the Hartland experience. A Home Away From Home. We will be back!”

Sikals Family, Ramesh, Sowmiya, Aanjan, Aria
Nov 2016

“Thank you for creating this amazing place! It was magical! It has been our first time in Ubud, and I’m so glad we stayed here! The food is AMAZING. The pool is AMAZING. The whole place is AMAZING!

It was magical, especially when there were fireflies on our last night!! Thank you!”

Ginger, Georgia, Dom, Zoe, Amy, Jeremy, Michael, Suzanne, Frankie and Robert
Nov 2016

“Heaven on Earth. I will never forget the magical nights I spent here in what is my first time visiting Bali. The world is a crazy place right now and we need more beauty than ever. So thank you for doing just that.”

Nov 2016

“I don’t really know what to write, because words only limit the experience at Hartland. I was travelling the world for so many years, in so many beautiful resorts and places, but Hartland is way beyond all my experiences. Thank you so much for your generosity and everything beside that too. I and my friend Eva enjoyed the stay so much. Every second was just perfect. We will definitely come back.”

Eva & Tanita
Oct 2016

“Dear Bud, Bali and your magnificent home have exceeded my wildest dreams. Your elegant attention to detail reaches perfection.. How refreshing and wonderful! Your staff as well as the delicious food was beyond. In all honesty you are living my dream life and although I don’t know you, I respect you profoundly. Thank you for sharing your safe heaven with us.”

Caroline and Ippo etro
Sept 2016

“We stayed at Harland for a few weeks and it felt like family from day one. The food, staff and location are like a dream. Heaven on Earth and thanks to everyone for an amazingly comfortable stay. We will be sure to come back.”

Leonie, Gary, Harley, Sienna & Blaire
July to August, 2016

“A place so connected with nature, peaceful, spiritual, positive vibes all around. Thank you so much for opening your “hart” to us. Your staff is the best – they care, they are sincere, and are happy all the time.”

Elo Estepa & Family
Hong Kong
July 2016

“It sounds cliché but Hartland is a place full of heart, soul, life, and peace. I remember when I came here just over a year ago – I was overcome with serenity the moment I entered your home. It is special not just because of the beautiful scenery plus the stunning rooms and design. It’s very special because of the feeling of calm; it is a true escape. I love how everything feels in
place – like it was always meant to be here on Sayan Ridge. No amount of design can make a
place feel like this because the warmth is from Bud, Yan, Made and the rest of the members of this estate. I felt at home, I felt like family and I’m looking forward to coming back home soon.”

Kissa, Darren and Elo
Hong Kong
July 2016

“This is a place where my week could easily turn into months. Thank you for a wonderful time.”

June 2016

“Hartland offers me a quality far more beautiful than my imagination can possibly conceive. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for such an exquisite and yet natural experience for my soul. On the one hand, it feels out of this world, larger than life and surreal, and on the other, it feels normal and natural, the way life is meant to be, and the way the world is hopefully moving toward – a renewal, to a new Golden Era. Om Shanti.”

June 2016

“You all made my stay most relaxing and delicious and beautiful. I can’t thank you enough for making my second visit to Bali more magical than the first!”

Sherice N. Clarke
June, 2016

“Thank you for making these past 4 weeks a once in a lifetime experience! We could not have enjoyed it more. The relaxed and friendly and warm smiling atmosphere made it feel like home in paradise! We will go back home enriched by the beauties of your beautiful island, the many friendly smiles, the warmth and the numerous encounters of the past month. We are very much looking back to coming back one day to allow Willem and Paola to make great memories as well!”

May 2016

“Very beautiful place. Peaceful and amazing view. The staff here is very nice. Thank you.”

Henny, Jao, Yaum, Siok, Liem
April 2016

“Thank you SO much for hosting us this week! This place is truly special and the people who run it are absolute gems! I wish I could take Nyoman, Made and Dharmi home with me. The food that comes from their kitchen is sent from Heaven! We are so lucky to have found this place.”

Erin, Ryan, Kaela, Allie and Emily
Los Angeles
March 2016

“We cannot show enough appreciation for the peace and love you gave to us at this beautiful, magnificent place. Thank you for sharing the wonderful energy with us. We will take back a peace in our hearts.”

The Hondriks
January 2016

“Our family has never had a problem going back home from any vacations spots, for the home is New York City. However, this time we will be leaving with a heavy heart, as if we are leaving our best friends and their beautiful home! The villa, the people, and Bali come together in the perfect unison!
God’s place! Thank you.”

The Serebrenik-Orchinnikov family & A. Vargos Cohen
Dec 2015

“It would be impossible to come here and not love and appreciate your home. We have stayed at many places over the years here in Bali but this was easily our favorite. Hartland is perfectly named as it is so very evident that it was built and maintained with an enormous heart. The staff take it to the next level of perfection. Thank you for your hospitality.”

Tammy & Arpad Konye
Ferro & Evi Keresztesi
Pecsely Hungary
Nov 2015

“The moment you walk through the gate into HARTLAND you enter into the realm of paradise. Bud Hart has created the most wonderful garden of eden to relax, renew, heal, and enjoy. Every element considered, from the location, to the views of unspoiled natural beauty; staff that feels more like family than ‘help'; Nyoman’s heart-full and healthful cooking to nourish the body and soul; accommodations that feel down home, yet every comfort is provided… and THE POOL! Probably the most beautiful pool I have ever seen or had the pleasure of enjoying 5-6 times a day.

I challenge anyone to find a more personal, more luxurious, more soulful place to spend your time in Bali. HARTLAND = HEARTLAND…”

Eric Smith
San Francisco
Nov to Dec 2015

“We’ve been staying at luxury homes and hotels in Bali for nearly five years and staying at Hartland was the pinnacle. The most breathtaking view in central Bali with beautiful staff and delicious cuisine. Cherish your stay, we will forever.”

Zhanna & Will Travis
OCT 2015

“How can we possibly thank each and every one of you for your warm, generous, and kind
hospitality in the most beautiful, magical and peaceful environment? Hartland is truly a special place, lovingly cared for by everyone connected to it and we feel so lucky and appreciative to have experienced this. Thank you for sharing with us. We will always
remember you.”

The Van Hermert Family
Sept 2015

“Staying at Hartland was such a dream and made our Bali trip complete. It is so beautiful and peaceful here...it makes it very hard to leave. The amazing staff was the icing on the cake, or shall I say strawberry pie! Thank you so much!

Cali Huffman, Kyla & Jas
July TO Aug 2015

“Perfection! The first word that comes to mind when we are thinking of Hartland. It’s more than the extraordinary view and the property itself (which is breathtaking), it’s all about the staff. Every single person who is working here has an easy laugh, they are always there if you need anything, their happiness is contagious and clearly made our stay even better.”

Famille Di Liello-Roberge, Amelia, MariAnge, Lina Francois, Romeo
June 2015

“This is an amazing place with a totality to it. It's complete and ticks off utter satisfaction boxes. It has a stunning location, the design of the three homes on the estate is gracious and in sync with nature. The staff is absolutely wonderful and the food had me scrambling to write down the menu's and exact way of cooking it. The cooks turned even the humble omelet & bacon into a delight! This has been the most relaxing holidays I've ever had – thanks to our stay at Hartland.

There have been so many 'highs' at this place. Having wonderful breakfasts with stunning views, swimming in a gorgeous pool and watching the birds having a gala at the pool edge, walking up, down and across the estate examining every minute detail that's been implemented to perfection, having romantic tub time with lovely views from the bathroom, cozy-ing up on the plush sofa on the verandah with a good book... I could go on and on.

This place calls for just hanging out and relaxing. We went out often – on trips to Ubud, the Green Village, the rice terraces, etc. Finding our way around with well sketched maps by the extremely helpful manager. We saw some lovely spots in Ubud, but it was always with the greatest pleasure that we returned back to Hartland. Yes, it would be utterly butterfly delightful if we can make it back there... On the more practical note, take the tips/suggestions from the manager as they are most helpful. If you can, drive around with a two wheeler. A massage arranged by the manager in your cottage is quite a bit better than going out some place for it. Try the veggie lasagna & the orange cake done by the cooks. Also don't miss the satay's and the chocolate cake!”

Functional Forms
Pondicherry, India
June 2015

“A week ago my family and I arrived here and Hartland exceeded all our expectations. The food was fantastic and the staff was very kind. You could call it a 10 star hotel. Thank you so much for letting us stay here.”

Rafael, Maria y Joost
April 2015

“Truly amazing, wonderful nature, every details is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing this peace of heaven on earth. Myself and my family enjoyed every second of our stay, so peaceful. The staff were so kind and their services impeccable. We are going to miss Hartland but taking home a great memory.”

Arjang & Lila
April 2015

“We found the Estate spectacular with its 3 Balinese wooden houses. They are so tasteful, charming and well integrated in the beautiful garden/nature of the villa. The view is difficult to describe with words… we enjoyed it every minute. No matter where you were in the villa, you were exposed to this calming, exuberant view. The staff was so friendly, warm, flexible and dedicated. In addition, the management of the villa, Wayan, organized for us every single activity which was very convenient. We loved the food so much that we hardly went to restaurants in the 10 days we stayed there. The kids had a great time thanks to the enormous pool, the good food and the wifi. If we come back to Bali, we will definitely stay here again.”

Maria Calderon
Holland & Spain
April 2015

“Fascinating and truly magical! Peaceful , tranquil and pure luxury in the most enchanting surroundings! The staff was amazing! They went out of their way, above and beyond, genuinely and open-armed to accommodate our every want and need. Cuisine unbelievable! An unforgettable experience. We will be back!!!”

–Arlene & George SzekereS,
Los Angeles & BudapesT
FEB 2015

“Hartland is a place full of heart on a very soulful land. I was mesmerized by the beauty of the Villa and the landscape… it is sophisticated in the most simple of ways. The villa is a haven of grace and poetic taste, it oozes with love and serenity. This is not all. The wonderful caretakers of the villa made our stay so enjoyable. We felt we were among family. They catered to everything we needed always with a smile and superb positivity; they really made us feel welcome. Hartland is a truly breath-taking haven where goodness meets soulfulness.”

Lina Annab
Amman, Jordan
Dec 2014

“We want to thank you very much for creating such a beautiful environment that you share with others! Everything about Hartland is majestic. The staff are beyond lovely and treated us like we were family. The architecture, reclaimed wood and beautiful landscape, which is dotted with orchids, paints a portrait of love and magic.

We spent many happy days here and even celebrated my birthday. The smiles and beautiful, warm hearts of everyone who works here made my birthday even more special.”

Heidi Blair & Family
Nov 2014

“There are few properties in Bali as stylish and delightful as Bud Hart's estate near Ubud, and the view is sublime. Set in a garden that extends along the ridge above the Ayung River, the main villa and attendant guest cottages, each offer wonderful views, while a network of landscaped pathways invite exploration. This to us is Bali heaven!”

Annie Kelly &
Tim Street-Porter
Los Angeles
Aug 2014

“Hartland is definitely one of the most gorgeous homes we’ve ever experienced. The views are stunning, the staff warm and professional, and the food superb. It’s both rustic and luxurious, warm and unpretentious in it’s beauty. We rarely ever felt like leaving except to go on walks exploring the surrounding river  valley and rice paddies. Nyoman’s cooking class was a highlight. The pool is absolutely stunning. Our three week stay was one of the most extraordinary experiences we’ve ever had.”

Margit Carell & Jurgen Tekath

July 2014

“My stay at Hartland was extraordinary. It is a place of simplicity and restraint where you are inspired to meditate on the wonders of nature. The architecture is authentically local Indonesian, wooden Javanese houses reassembled on site, brilliantly nestled into the landscape, congruous with the remarkable surroundings. The interiors have a sophisticated aesthetic; an earthy organic style created from meticulously hand crafted reclaimed iron wood, brushed with romantic and contemporary elements. Outstanding! The service was excellent, the staff most helpful when needed yet invisible at other times, the location only 10 minutes drive to the centre of Ubud but why would you ever want to leave... the meals served were exceptional, both Balinese and western cuisine. Hartland is a seamless transition between indoors, outdoors and beyond... I cannot recommend it highly enough.”

Marni Dalle
Feb 2014

“If heaven on earth can possibly exist this is it.  Perched on a ridge overlooking the Sayan River the views of the river and rice paddies below and the distant mountains are unencumbered by any human intrusion. You are immersed in the splendid habitat of exotic Bali and it is a religious experience. The accommodations are rustic chic combining the best of traditional Balinese construction and modern convenience with no detail being overlooked. It is a sanctuary that was obviously created with utmost respect for the surroundings... a magical place with very special people that reflect the best of Balinese culture. If you are anywhere close to Bali and fortunate enough to be able to reserve the Kedewatan residence don't hesitate.  From personal experience I can guarantee that you will want to return again and again.”

George Azars
Jan 2014

“We could not have been in a better place. The layout of the villas were perfect for having guests stay with us for the holidays, something that would have been complicated when staying in a hotel. Your staff was fabulous, they are like a family. Excellent food, loving service and for New year’s eve they organized a huge party. The rice paddy shaped pool is fantastic. Both for swimming 25 meter laps as well as for hanging by the edge overlooking the gorgeous Sayan valley. We spent many evenings under the stars enjoying the peace and quiet of your house.”

Raoul Witteveen
Dec 2013